Saturday, 2 May 2015

Craft fair today yippee,& a gorjuss card

Morning all,
I'm off the the motorcycle museum
To the craft fair today,lots of new goodies eek,
So busy day out to breakfast fist though pre birthday treat
But first a little cas gorjuss card 
Have a great day 
Debb xx

crafting by design anything goes 


  1. Ooh I love Gorjuss girls this is just lovely!
    Hope you have a super day and and are feeling a little better!
    Ooh when's ur birthday!? :-)
    Also wanted to follow you but you don't seem to have the button on ur blog, if you go to layout add gadget, then more gadgets at the side and it's the one right at the bottom, Google friend connect, then you should get some lovely followers on ur blog :-)
    Lucy x

    1. Thank you Lucy for your lovely comments,and the advice I'm still very much a learner on here and constantly going,to you tube tutorials,to find my way around on here many thanks Debbs x

  2. No problem Debs!! Always happy to help!
    Oh blogs are so confusing aren't they!! Took me so long to get to grips with mine! Just making it took me 2 weeks of trying lol!
    To add a photo do the same as you did for the followers button, but the image one is on the first set of gadgets a few down it says image
    Then you add a title eg Lucy's Blog Candy and subtitle Eg closes 28th May then put the link to my page in the next bit and select the photo of my candy from your photos (you have to save the image off my page first)
    Hope you manage it :-) lol
    It doesn't notify me when u reply to comments on ur page so I'll check back later or you could leave me a comment on my blog :-)
    Have a lovely weekend! Feel free to ask me any blog questions if you need more help!
    Lucy x