Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Batch making

Hi out there 
Hope all well in crafty blog land 
Been busy with my new kitty boys 
Bertie Bob tail is a real live wire,
But had a poorly eye so he's needed drops twice a day,
Looks to be on the mend 
Then there Gus 
He's seems to be a lot more traumatised 
By his ordeal but he's trying to be a bit more friendly 
Any way I've been doing my least favourite thing 
Batch making cards
I much prefer one offs 
But needs must when you need a lot
So here's a few pics of my furry babies 
And my cards 

Crafty Christmas hugs to all 

Debbs xxx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Stampin up owl punch out again

Morning my crafty friends

Today I'm sharing a little Christmas card,
I made the penguin using one of my all time fave punches
The stampin up owl 
The bobble hat is from hobby stamp set
Baa humbug,the sheep one
Papers from docrafts goodie bag
Wellington, loving these papers,
Some washi tape and gold mirror board 
Hope your all on top of your Christmas plans
Happy crafting on this grey day 

Debbs xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Oh Dear

Hi all

Well I'm in the usual panic for Christmas
I have no excuses this time,
Just the normal distractions,
I've take in some rescue kitties,
I did t think I was getting them till 
Next weekend but it's fabulous to have then early 
There were found in a garage 
Terrified and filthy
But there getting better day by day
Bertie is ginger but has no tail:( hence the 
Name Bertie Bob tail,
It really doesn't seem to bother him at all
He's a right confident bundle of energy
But suffer with up set tummies again 
They don't seem to bother him.
Then there's his brother Gus
Black and white with a face to melt your heart 
Buts he's still struggling with confidence 
So we had to get him a cage to get him use to us
After a day he was happy playing eating 
Generally doing and look like a kitty
But at the moment he need the security of the cage
We get him out and fuss and stroke him 
But he can't seen to manage to enjoy it yet,
He did stit up on my lap yersterday
So I'm hopefull we will get there.
Any way on to my card 
I've been struggling with my card design 
To post this year 
So I think I've got it it's a stages head I love this stamp
But think it looks best left simple
A bit of mirri card and matting and layering 
Hope you like it 
Happy crafting 

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Vintage Christmas

Hi all 
A bit of Christmas today,
I've had these stamps and dies a while now,
I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about
Matching the stamp and die as I've had sets before
And struggled,but these were a piece of cake 
I coloured my images with spectrum noirs
And added some sticklers glitter,
I ripped  the backing paper which is Wellington 
From Docrafts and added some vintage photo 
Distress ink one of my home made dazzlers
Thanks for looking 
Happy crafting 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Williams guitar

Hi all 

Today's post is my nephews guitar,
I made this for his 8th birthday.
It a Dreamees template off there cd
As he had a guitar for his birthday,
I thought it would be fun to make instead of  a card
I used my docrafts digital designer to make the stickers
With personal little message 

Happy crafting peps

Debbs X

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wedding day

hi all 

Today's card is from a while a go,
But couldn't share until after the wedding
My friend who's daughters wedding it was
Gave me her wedding invite, as her 
Daughter based her design on her moms 
Invites,she also gave me some cards and acceptance 
Cards,and a horse shoe off her wedding cake,
She said chop them up do what you want,
But I really couldn't chop up these things,
So I made a keep sake card,
With pockets so her daughter could add
Her own wedding keep sake to
Hope you like it,my pictures don't 
Do it justice really,
I based the front design on 
The wedding invites

Happy crafting 

Debbs xx

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Couture winter flurries

Hi all 
Hope your all well out there in blog land
I'm still not on top form,
Results day is ever closer.
But we've had another's blow,
Our beloved Oscar 
Has gone missing been nearly a month now,
I've am missing him so badly.
On a brighter note had a trip to the nec 
On Saturday so have a few goodies to play with 
And share.
So today I'm showing my biggest bargin,
From create and craft a members special 
The winter flurries couture die
I've made a very glittery number today 
That's why I love Christmas cards 
This one only uses the trim and the corners 
So plenty more to play with.

Happy crafting


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Just checking in

hi all

Just a check in today.
Hope your all good and enjoying 
The fabulous October weather
Here in the uk, 
I'm still pretty preoccupied at the 
Moment, with work and health issues.
Hubby's been off this week 
Working on his car,it took longer
Than we thought,but cheaper than we were 
Expecting so that was good 
I've had a new mixer so I've been doing some baking
Chilli bread,melt in the middle chocolate pudding
And Paul did a bread and butter pudding,
I also had a home made lasagne in the oven,
 And it all turned out pretty yummy to.
I also made a seat pad for Oscar too 
This week, and hubby Paul's made a quilt I thought I'd share
 With you all to.

Keep well all 
Happy crafting 

Debbs xx 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Nappy cake

Hi all 
Been a busy bee with the makes today,
So what to share today,
My nappy cake,
I love making these,
I have got to do the wrap
But I have no pink ribbon 
To finish so I thought I share it naked so to speak
If for my nephew,who's baby is due any day now
My Alice is so excited,she never seen a new born,
And is making sure she top of the to be notified list lol

Happy crafting to you all 
Enjoy the weekend 

Debbs xx

Face cloth bunny

Monday, 14 September 2015

First quilt

Hi all 
Hope your all good,
The weathers not to great here in the midland,
Perfect crafting weather I think.
Today I have my first quilt to show,
It's far from perfect,but it's not to bad for a first go.
Alice loves it so my work is done 
Not the best pics sorry
But hope you like it crafty hugs 
Debbs xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Just to say hi

Just to say hi all 

I'm still a bit pre occupied at the moment
With my health issues, had all my test done now awaiting 
Results, its the waiting that does my nut in. 
I'm really hoping for some answers this time round,
And my heads full of what ifs,
So I'm hopeing that when this is all 
Sorted I can get back on track,
And back into my card making.
My daughter start collage next week 
So I may have a bit more free time to
I have been working on a pretty big 
Sewing project too,
So I'm hoping to share that pretty soon
In the mean time here's a little 
Yankee candle called wedding day
I decorated,wouldn't they make fab wedding favours

Hope you all good 
Crafty hugs Debbs xx

Friday, 28 August 2015

One for the boys

Hi all 
Got a little card to share,
Had to do quick card,
I had some Spider-Man toppers,
So I made this for a friends son
Who is a Spider-Man fan,
I added some spiders Webb to the backing card 
And used a craft card base
Turned out ok for a simple little card 
Thanks for taking the time to look 
And all the lovely comments
They mean a lot
Have a fab bank holiday 
Crafty hugs 
Debbs xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

White wedding

Well hello there
I'm back,
sorry I've been missing for so long,
A few reasons really, 
Hubby had a couple of weeks off work,
So I spent time with him,as 
He works shifts and long hours
We really don't get much time,
Plus I'm still very preoccupied with health
Problems and up and coming test,
Not to mention the waiting,
Which is the hardest part.
Any way enough moaning.
I have been working on a few projects
Which I was unable to share till now
So today I'm sharing a wedding card,
This was for one of my best friends daughter
Who got married on Sunday 
Hope you like it.
The dress was brought a while ago,
It is actually a favour bag,
I made the flowers with tissue paper,
The sentiments are tattered lace dies cut in gold mirror card
And the backing is pearlised marrie Anne card 
Scored on my hoagie board

 Happy crafting Debbs xx


Friday, 31 July 2015

Tweet twoow

Afternoon all 

Hope your enjoying the sun shine at last,
I've been up to a bit of sewing again,
I'm still working on my cushions,
But got distracted again,
Easily done these days,
I went to get some more backing fabric,
And I came across a sewing bee kit,
At a price that was to good to miss,
And I thought it would teach me some 
More sewing techniques,
As I want to learn applique 
I'm feeling quite pleased with my self,
As I'm pant at cutting out,
And I had to cut it all out,
And I've never done appliqué 
I think he turned out well
So here Ollie owl the door stop

Crafty hugs Debbs xx

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Any thing but a card 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

At last a card

Afternoon all 
Today I was determined to get a card done,
I've had a bit of a clear up,
As I tend to pile up my,
I know,I have an idea pile,
My ideas far out way my time.
Any way I found this trim craft 
Fun fair collection that inspired me 
I hope you like it 
Crafty hugs 
Debbs xx

Challenge craft your passion

Champagne flutes

Hi all 
Well at last I've done a couple of projects to share,
I'll start with my folded book 
I've made this for a very old friends daughter,
She got engaged a couple of weeks ago on holiday,
I'm feeling very old,
Doesn't seem like long ago I got the call
To say her had arrived in the world,
She is a book lover so I was a bit
Apprehensive,it could of go either way,
On no you've destroyed a book,
Or she would love it,
I'm happy to say every one appeared to love it 
Crafty hugs 
Debbs xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I'm in the quick cards magazine

Just a quick post 
To share my joy of seeing one of my cards in a magazine,
Still not feeling great,and a little wiped out
From a hospital consultations,
That went on to last 51/2 hours in all,
And finishing off in a completely 
Different hospital.
Seeing my card in the mag really picked me up,
So thanks,little Lucy for pointing it out to me 
Crafty hugs Debbs 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

A bit of gardening

Hi all 
Just thought I'd share a pic or two of my garden,
We started the begging of last summer remodelling 
This will be the third time,we moved into the house 
From new some 27years ago
Hubby laid a patio built a wall and steps,
And we had some boarders and turf on the mountain slope,
As the family grew we thought of moving,
But in the end we had an extension,
Which took up the patio and we had many skips loads of soil removed,
We then put in a pond and waterfall which was fantastic,
But as I've got older and had health problems I couldn't cope with it,
So our plan this time was low maintance,we've terraced the garden 
Using railway sleeper,put artificial turf down,
Just a few bits and bobs to do,and we will be done,
Hubby works a 60 hour week plus an hour n half a day traveling on top 
So time is very limited,
But he's getting there 
Crafty hugs 
Debbs xx