Sunday, 4 October 2015

Just checking in

hi all

Just a check in today.
Hope your all good and enjoying 
The fabulous October weather
Here in the uk, 
I'm still pretty preoccupied at the 
Moment, with work and health issues.
Hubby's been off this week 
Working on his car,it took longer
Than we thought,but cheaper than we were 
Expecting so that was good 
I've had a new mixer so I've been doing some baking
Chilli bread,melt in the middle chocolate pudding
And Paul did a bread and butter pudding,
I also had a home made lasagne in the oven,
 And it all turned out pretty yummy to.
I also made a seat pad for Oscar too 
This week, and hubby Paul's made a quilt I thought I'd share
 With you all to.

Keep well all 
Happy crafting 

Debbs xx