Sunday, 6 September 2015

Just to say hi

Just to say hi all 

I'm still a bit pre occupied at the moment
With my health issues, had all my test done now awaiting 
Results, its the waiting that does my nut in. 
I'm really hoping for some answers this time round,
And my heads full of what ifs,
So I'm hopeing that when this is all 
Sorted I can get back on track,
And back into my card making.
My daughter start collage next week 
So I may have a bit more free time to
I have been working on a pretty big 
Sewing project too,
So I'm hoping to share that pretty soon
In the mean time here's a little 
Yankee candle called wedding day
I decorated,wouldn't they make fab wedding favours

Hope you all good 
Crafty hugs Debbs xx


  1. Aww pretty!! Don't let the health issues get to you hunny keep busy and keep your mind off it! That's how I deal with my health, just focus on here and now and doing what you enjoy :-)
    Sending my love and hugs!
    Lucy xx

    1. Thanks you,Lucy, I'm normal pretty good at that, but seem different some how this time, been a little freaked out by the test I failed, won't be long now though I think.crafty hugs Debbs xx

  2. This is beautiful Debbs, it would make a lovely gift for any occasion.
    I hope you get some positive news regarding your health.