Thursday, 9 July 2015

Baby cushion

hi all 
A it of a late one tonight,
I've been beavering away again,
At my mission to replace all my cushions,
Today I made a baby patch work cushion,
And I'm hoping to start my other larger one tomorrow,
In the charm pack I bought,i could get 
Two large and a small,
And I think I may even be getting a it better
At this patch work lark,
I'm sorry I know most of you are paper crafters,
But as you get to know me,you'll 
Get to know,I'll have a bash at any thing,
Not all go well,
Like my cake pops they turned out like a
Building block instead of little round cake pops,
Any way enough rambling 
Happy crafting peeps 
Debbs xx 


  1. These are fabulous Debbs, such pretty fabric.

  2. Oh these are sooo pretty! Love the patterns!
    Lucy x