Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Crafty bargains

 morning all,not a card this morning,I thought I would share my crafty bargains,all this for under £8,I bought 6 items from the pound shop,( the dollar store sounds so much better thou,but sadly it's the pound shop in the uk) including some A4 card,coloured gems,fibres,sequins 3d foam and masking tape,note to self hide the masking tape! Then I went into home bargains,and wait for it , I got a stamp set for 29p,yes 29p can you believe that,then the stick on pearls were 59p a pack so of course I had to have two,I still can't quite believe these bargains,it's less than I've paid for some magazines,I really should get out more to hunt these bargains down,I'm not that sure what I will be doing with these fibres but they were to lovely to leave,I wish I could felt,but I'm abit funny with the feel of felt all thou I love the if your in the uk get out there and bag your self a bargin happy shopping Debs xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I love bargains!! My mum has got me a few good bits from pound land too! And also the works do some good stuff I usually buy from them online!x