Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Chocolate bouquet

 Hi all, still struggling with my health,completely out of action yesterday,so frustrated with my self,but need to focus on the good days,the days I get to go into my craft nook and play,so that was today,but can't share that just yet,so I thought I show you all a couple of chocolate bouquets I've made the one I added little bottles of bubbles to as it was for a family barbecue,and the other I added butterfly's to for a chocoholic,who was retiring,hope you like them,I love doing these there really quick to put together,and there always a bit of chocolate left for me,thanks for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments your starting to leave there very much appreciated,big hugs Debbs xx

1 comment:

  1. Wowee!!! Now that's my kind of bouquet!!! If only I could still eat choc these days! :-(
    Looks so amazing what a wonderful gift!
    Aww sorry you're struggling! I've been really ill this week too!
    Hugs! Lucy xx