Sunday, 28 June 2015

Lucky escape

Morning all
Nothing paper related today sorry
But I guess you could say this is what I've been 
Making this week,
And what a roller coaster ride it's been, 
Monday after the tea party,
I was feeling under the weather,
Then Monday afternoon I got a phone call from 
My son to say he had a bad car 
Smash on the Aston express way 
And was wait for an ambulance, 
Lucky after a fair few hours in 
A&E and one cat scan later,
He was given the ok to come home,
Only suffering bad bruising,
Although we he had a ruff ride home
Having to stop for him to be unwell,
I think it may have been the shock,
He's doing ok,he's still full of aches and pains,
And having a really stressful 
Time with the insurance company,
My son is a petrol head (he hates that term)
Spending all his spread time and money on his car,
Hers a few pics of before Monday afternoon 
Crafty hugs Debbs xx

Car show last year 

Car photo shot for local photographer 

Car retrim two weeks ago

Joshua my son and his girlfriend Hannah 


  1. Aww no sorry to hear that glad he's ok!xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's accident Debbs, thank goodness he was not badly injured.